It is amazing how people are making their millions online, and it is also crazy how most of them start out at younger then 18 years old! This young entrepreneur spent 2 years studying and memorizing php and html so he could build his own websites. His name is Taylor Jay and he is just 14 year’s old. With over 10 websites already up and running, he has created one of the biggest databases of online website’s ever, for a 14 year old kid. Just some of is websites are: – A Free online gaming forum – Recieves around 1400 unique visitor’s a day! It is an iPod touch website – He recently bought this website and the unique visitors are going steadliy up daily – Also steadily increasing He plans to increase website unique visitors by 300% in 2008 and he also has plan’s to purchase a major website soon with a fellow business partner. His programming and unique abilities are quite exquisite. With no previous knowledge and no internet know-how’s in his family, he learned it all by himself, from how to code a website from scratch, or how to set up MySQL database, everything had to be learned with no previous knowledge. He made special goals on making a e-mail script one day, and then creating an entire web directery the next. Be sure to see Taylor Jay in headlines in the future, and make sure your keep up to date on what Taylor Jay has comming next =)