Yeast infections are uncomfortable and can become systemic. The use of antibiotics, steroids as well as certain birth control pills can lead to bacteria changes that in turn manifest as a yeast infection. Wearing wet clothing (ie staying in a bathing suit after swimming) as well as wearing tight pants can cause yeast to spread. Exercise clothing also gets damp often when we work out and perspire. We all know that mold loves moisture. If you search the net you’ll find a variety of recommended home cures for yeast infection and it is important to use caution if you are considering following suggestions on forums, online discussion groups and social networking posts. People have different body chemistries as well as reactions to sugars and sensitivities. Keep in mind that yeast infections can be contagious and that they can also lower your immune system. It isn’t just a vanity reason to treat a yeast infection but an important part of taking care of your health. Yogurt or acidopholous are seen as helpful by many as they can replenish the good bacteria that may be destroyed when we use antibiotics. You can find live cultures in some yogurt drinks as well. Be careful to avoid those with sugar as that may destroy the benefits. Acidopholous is often found in the refrigerated section of health food stores and it can be purchased in capsule form. If you’ve recently been on an antibiotic for strep throat, bronchitis or an infection, this is an important step to take. Acidophilus can be taken both internally as well as used externally. In addition, you can find other robotics in the health food store such as bifidus that can replenish the good bacteria your system needs. Another home remedy for yeast infections that people use is applying apple cider vinegar on a piece of cotton and using in the infected area. For some this may cause itching. It is good to dilute the vinegar to avoid having a reaction. You need to be careful with yeast infection home remedies as skin membrane is sensitive and everyone’s tolerance is different. You don’t want to develop a rash in order to treat a yeast infection! Oregano oil is a good anti-fungal agent but this can burn and must be diluted as it is very concentrated. Another good anti-fungal agent is grapefruit seed oil. By integrating probiotics, anti-fungal agents, good habits, avoiding sugar and taking antioxidant in an intelligent matter you’ll acheive success against those annoying yeast infections. There isn’t just one home cure for yeast infectionsolution but rather it is a plan that combines several importantcomponents in a logical manner.