How To Stop Information Overload

Here are some tips to stop information overload: Stop visiting forums and reading threads. 95% of the threads are written by inexperienced people – who have no clue what they are talking about. Freedom of speech is very overvalued these days. Everyone seems to have an opinion and everyone wants to express it. Stop reading those useless threads. They are keeping you back. If you keep reading them, you are stealing money from yourself and the people you love. Only read them for entertainment value and only if you have already done the tasks that build your business for the day. Stop buying every new ebook that comes out – except if it analyses something that is already part of your game plan. For example, if you are using Pay Per Click extensively and you see a new guide on Google Adwords that comes out, you may want to check that out. But don’t buy every new “make money” product just because it’s out there. People have been making money for decades without the “new” ebooks that come out all the time. Every time you really feel like buying a new ebook, WAIT for 2-3 days and THEN consider buying it. Many purchases you make are “impulse” purchases and do not really solve a problem you have… Unsubscribe from all the free newsletters that you are not reading or that you get no value out of it. More isn’t better. Discontinue your membership to paid sites that you don’t use or that you get no value out of. Get a personality of your own and stop doing things because everyone else seems to be doing it. Most of them are not making a dime. Why would you want to copy them? If you hear of “mass hysteria” of people buying a specific product, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy it as well. Wake up. Start thinking for yourself. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of others. Stop using 10 different complicated techniques. Choose one traffic method, distil it down to its simplest steps, master it and then use it massively. Stop jumping from project to project and opportunity to opportunity. If you have an opportunistic mindset, you will get the results that most “opportunists” get. You’ll be poor. Create a site. After you have it rolling, DON’T start another site. Instead, add more backend offers to that first site. People who are subscribers and customers of yours trust you and you can make money on some pretty high-end products just by sending an email. Forget about starting another “campaign” and then trying to warm up new people in a new market all over again and trying to make money by selling a $29.95 ebook that pays you 50% commissions. Here’s another great trick you can use: Create a text file (Notepad, Word etc…) and create the “perfect” money-making system based on your current knowledge. This file may have some sections like: Finding a market, creating a product, driving traffic to the site, tips on time management, personal development stuff etc… Then, every time you read a new ebook or watch a new DVD, or read a good article or a forum post, note down the new knowledge it provides you with at the appropriate section of your text file. That way, you won’t have to go through the main product again. Before you know it, you will have a “super ebook” with all the good stuff that you find useful. Then you can refer to this ebook every time you need inspiration or reminders on a specific part of the process. A note about “ideas”: Ideas are neutral. They are not necessarily something “good.” Most people have been actually HURT by ideas. Ideas themselves mean jack crap. I can sell you all my ideas for a buck a piece and I would be a millionaire. You need to get an idea and then test THAT idea and focus on THAT idea. You have another idea shortly after you start the first one? Then note the new idea down. You will get to it AFTER you have worked with the first idea… If you want to discover more tips on fighting information overload, visit Adsense Arbitrage Voodoo! Click here to buy money making ebooks About the Author adsense arbitrage voodoo is the author of a great ebook, teaching one how to make money online.


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